Travel. Enjoyed.

Travel. Enjoyed.

Let us plan your trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s an exotic cruise, an African safari, or an adventure in South America, we have travel experts that have seen the world and want you to experience it too.

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We are with you on vacation, too.

Weddings and Honeymoons

You've found your soul-mate and you want your destination wedding to be as exciting and memorable as your relationship has been. You may already have your dream wedding all figured out or, perhaps, you find yourself tossing around ideas. Either way, we have the resources to help you find and book the perfect destination for your big day.

Group Travel 

Whether you're travelling with friends, family or colleagues, we can help put all the details together! We can assist in deciding where you want to go, how you'll get there, and in negotiating a special exclusive price just for your group. We can coordinate communications throughout the group too to keep everyone in the loop.


More than 80% of people who have cruised once will do it again! Cruising has the highest repeat factor of any type of vacation. The reason for this is the variety: hundreds of ships, thousands of worldwide destinations, you can go budget or luxury, you can take a 3-day cruise or a 90-day around the world trip - the choices are yours. We can help get you on the cruise that is right for you. 

Independent Travel 

Do you have special interests and requirements for your travel? Do you prefer to travel alone rather than with a group? Our individualized itinerary planning assists with air schedules, rail or car travel, hotels that meet your needs for location and hotel type, museum tickets and special tours.  We can also prepare pre- or post-cruise add-ons or additional days for your escorted tour that helps you fulfill all of your dreams for that special trip!